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Discus Throwing Hand Sticker


Unleash Your Inner Olympian with the Discus Thrower Sticker!

Show your passion for the thrilling sport of discus throwing with this high-quality Discus Throwing Hand Sticker Design©! This decal is perfect for athletes, coaches, or anyone who appreciates the power and precision of discus throwers.


  • Size: 2.415 x 2.125" - perfect for laptops, water bottles, cars, or any smooth surface
  • Water and weather resistant: Made to withstand the elements, so you can rep your love for discus throwing rain or shine.
  • High quality and durable: This sticker is built to last, so you can enjoy it for throws to come.

This sticker is a great way to:

  • Show your support for discus throwers of all levels
  • Personalize your gear and showcase your athletic interests
  • Spark conversations about this exciting sport
Add a touch of discus throwing flair to your world! Order your sticker today!

All ITrack&Field® designs are inspired by the love of the sport.