About Coach Fedi

​"Track and field has always been a part of my life".

My story starts as a child attending boarding school in Nigeria. I found myself exempt from every physical activity possible, diagnosed with asthma. Track and field changed all that; one day I ran my first 400m and the rest they say is "Herstory".

I became a beast practically unstoppable; Track being the ultimate teacher that the sport is, I ended up with a scholarship to college competing in the Heptathlon.

This meant great coaches and father figures along the way, I got exposed to many cultures and cuisine because of track, my confidence, strength, determination, spirituality can all be attributed to my love and desire to succeed at being a Track & Field athlete.

Yes I picked the event that determined who the ultimate athlete is. It was pure joy as I fought my way through every event.

​In college I tapped into my artistic side majoring in graphic design and painting. After college I dedicated my time to coaching and inspiring young ladies to find the beast in them and giving them confidence to face life outside of the track. I found myself in that guardian role like many coaches and forged relationships that will last a lifetime.

This is where the inspiration for Itrackandfield emerged. I knew many athletes, coaches, parents and siblings who have shared the same journey, passion and dedication that I have witnessed through my years of being an athlete and a coach. I wanted a company that celebrated that shared passion.

Itrackandfield is about using creativity to create designs that represents the lifestyle of track and field athletes. You will find designs on products that represent you the athlete. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or looking for a unique gift for a special runner in your life, you’ll find something that really reflects the event, personality and tastes of any individual athlete.

So check out the store, inspire someone today. "Celebrate your passion".

- Coach Fedi, Founder and Designer