About ITrackandField

No Human is Limited Track and Field is my passion - and has been since I was a child. ITrackandField is a Track and field design company founded by Coach Fedi. The Brand combines experience as an athlete, coach, & designer to create exclusive designs on Apparel and accessories fit for track and field athletes to be represented and enjoyed.

Track and Field is my passion - and has been since I was a child. The ITrack&Field© Brand success lies in the spirit of my experience as an athlete, coach and a designer. Designs are inspired by my track and field experiences and made in the United states. ITrack&Field© - represents my love for track and field athletes, lifestyle, art and unique design. - Coach Fedi

About Coach Fedi - founder and designer

The sport of Track and Field has shaped my entire life.

As a child in Nigeria, I was enrolled in boarding school. At the start of it, I was diagnosed with asthma, which kept me from being allowed to participate in any sort of physical activities. One day, despite my diagnosis, I took a chance at running my very first 400m, and the rest as they say is, “Herstory”. 

Track and field gave me opportunities to push myself beyond my limits, and each day I found that my mind, body, spirit, and confidence grew. I had become unstoppable on the track, and I eventually earned a scholarship to compete in the United States as a Heptathlete for the University of South Alabama, where I would go on to study Visual Arts with a concentration in painting and graphic design.

Soon after completing my degree, I dedicated myself to sharing the passion for track and field and it’s valuable life lessons by becoming a high school and community college coach while competing at the professional level. I inspired countless young ladies to find the beast within themselves and provided them with a blueprint on how they could apply these lessons to their lives off the track. 

My journey as both an athlete and coach has afforded me many things; from working with excellent coaches, to traveling the globe, to developing lifelong relationships, and inspiring others. Today, I work to combine these experiences with my gifts of artistry to provide us all with the opportunity to showcase our pride and passion for the great sport of track and field. 

Whether you are an athlete, coach, parent, or fan, ITrack&Field© has something to celebrate the passion within you.