Great Tempo Workouts for Sprinters and Hurdlers

Tempo Workouts can be a great way to introduce your sprinter to the general preparation phase. Especially for a sprinter who is out of shape, this can be a good way to improve fitness and slowly improve work capacity.

During the season, tempo workouts can help with recovery from high intensity days, teach rhythm and improve running gait and pattern.

Tempo workouts can be fun if done right.

Below are sample workouts you can do. 


100-100-100 100-200-100-100 100-100-200-200 100-200-100-100 100-100-100

(50m walk/rep, 100walk/set)

2200m Total


Endless relay

1600m Total


Pyramid Tempo

(50m walk/rep, 100walk/set) 1800m Total


100m-50m 200m-50m sit ups pushups rest jog 200m repeat x 5 sets


Workouts like these are best done at 75% to 85% effort depending on the training phase.

A lower percent is best for general phase and higher for pre competition phase.

Best of luck

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